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Common Handbook Mistakes #2

I know this next handbook mistake is going to make everyone think that I am related to the Grinch that stole Christmas. Other than a passing resemblance, that is not true. The Grinch is taller and smiles more.

As an employer, you need to remember that your handbook is a tool to communicate to your workforce and to establish expectations. Use it for that purpose and only for that purpose.

Mistake 2.

Making warm and fuzzy statements of policy.

Save the warm and fuzzy comments for the company retreat, picnic or holiday party. It is not that I don’t want you to create a culture in which your employees feel valued. Your employees are your most valuable commodity and should be treated as such. Warm and fuzzy policy statements create the expectation that, because “We at the Johnson Widget Company are just one big family”, that you will tolerate unacceptable conduct or you really truly won’t treat employees as “at will.”

Your handbook is one of many tools available to you as an employer. Use to educate your workforce. Do not dilute its efficacy by including “warm and fuzzy” policy statements.

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