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I am constantly asked, "Why blog?" The answer is simple. I know that through blogging I can provide a sense of direction for employees and employers and let's face it, employment law is my thing.

There is a lot of information available on the web, unfortunately, not all of it is accurate. Too often employees and employers choose to go it on their own. Generally, that is not a good plan. Employment law is an area of the law with a constantly changing landscape. My goal is to get you to understand the who, what, when, where and why of the employment relationship. Occasionally, my observations are tempered with a strong dose of common sense and a little bit of attitude.

Just a few disclaimers. First, I am a lawyer but unless you have signed a written engagement agreement, I am not your lawyer. Second, I am licensed in Washington state. Although some of the information reported in the blog is general in nature, I am not licensed to practice in other jurisdictions. Third, each legal matter has its own unique characteristics. The observations made in this blog are not intended to provide you with advice for your particular legal matter. In other words, get off the dime and talk to your lawyer to make sure you are getting the right advice. Fourth, although this blog is an independent legal entity, I work for The Stephens Law Firm which is also a sponsor of this blog.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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